Corrupt Hillary Clinton Delusional

Corrupt Hillary Clinton Delusional

Corrupt Crooked Hillary Clinton has been in a Delusional Fantasy World since she lost to Donald Trump in the 2016 elections.

In the months and years since Crooked Hillary’s humiliating loss, she blamed , Russia, Obama, computer bots, WikiLeaks, Facebook, fake news, Twitter, voter ID laws, Joe Biden, right-wing conspiracy, sexism, Barack Obama, ageism, Anthony Weiner, James Comey , Fox News, white women, xenophobia, Bernie Sanders, black people, the Electoral College, the DNC, misogyny, and women cowed by their husbands.

What color is the sky in Corrupt Crooked Hillary’s Clinton’s world?

Crooked Hillary Clinton is still on TV all the time, and last week she came out with the most Crooked Delusional statement yet, saying she could beat Donald Trump “again.”

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