Desperate Democrats Impeachment Inquiry

Desperate Democrats Impeachment Inquiry

The next chapter of the Desperate Democrats Fake Impeachment Inquiry Scam.

After weeks of running a Fake Unconstitutional Fraudulent China Like Impeachment Inquiry, the Crooked Sleazy Democrats claimed didn’t need approval by the full House of Representatives, the Crooked Sleazy Democrats made a stunning flip-flop Tuesday: they said they will hold a vote of the full House to formalize their Corrupt Coup to overturn Donald Trump’s election as president.

The Crooked Sleazy Democrats refuse to admit that their cowardly decision to call for a full House vote has the effect of admitting that their whole secret Fake Unconstitutional Fraudulent China Like Kangaroo court proceeding against Trump up to now has been a complete Criminal Sham.

Crooked Nancy Pelosi, Sleazy Corrupt Adam Schiff, and their fellow Crooked Corrupt Democrats have ignored historical precedent with their China Like Closed-Door Depositions, lack of due process, and disregard of minority party rights in their fervor to attack Donald Trump in any no-holds-barred way they can.

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