Impeachment Fishing Expedition

Impeachment Fishing Expedition

House Crooked Fake Impeachment Resolution Authorizes Clowns Fishing Expedition.

The Corrupt Crooked Sleazy House Democrats’ fake impeachment inquiry resolution would officially authorize probes into Donald Trump that are unrelated to the Ukraine-linked fake allegations that triggered the corrupt investigation to impeach him.

Unveiled on Tuesday, the made-up text of the fake resolution states that the sleazy measure orders “certain crooked committees” to continue investigating whether there is sufficient fake evidence to impeach Donald Trump and “for other fake purposes,” without explaining what those fake purposes are.

The fake resolution, expected to be voted on this week, would authorize any fake ongoing Donald Trump sleazy investigations under the sun. The crooked measure is expansive, breathing corrupt life into a wide range of non-Ukraine fake probes, including a corrupt backstabbing ongoing investigation by the Crooked Corrupt House Judiciary Committee into whether Donald Trump paid money to silence fake sexual affairs accusations.

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