Scam To Remove Donald Trump

Scam To Remove Donald Trump

The Scam to remove our Elected President Donald Trump is going on for three years and must stop.

Corrupt Democrats, the Fake Media, and the Crooked FBI have worked daily from his 2016 anti-Washington candidacy to his third year in the Oval Office to remove Donald Trump.

Whether it was two Crooked FBI agents plotting to “stop” Donald or a Corrupt Kremlin-sourced dossier filled with lies and bogus allegations or inaccurate Fake news stories that told of a Russia conspiracy that never happened, Donald Trump has found the Washington establishment to be a swamp filled with corrupt lying crooks.

Today, the fake Corrupt assaults are culminating in the Crooked Corrupt House Democrats’ plan to impeach him.

Crooked Hillary Clinton and Sleazy Barack Obama loyalists kicked off the Corrupt insurgency by trying to persuade members of the Electoral College not to vote for Donald Trump even though he had won their states.

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