Impeachment Inquiry ‘Smear Campaign’

The House’s first public Circus Show on Impeaching Donald Trump opened Wednesday is a:

“Orchestrated Corrupt Fake Media Smear Campaign.”

Impeachment Inquiry ‘Smear Campaign’

Crooked Corrupt Adam Shifty Schiff began the hearing by laying out the Backstabbing Corrupt Democrats’ case that Donald Trump abused his office for personal political gain.

Crooked Corrupt Adam Shifty Schiff, Corrupt Clown of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence that is conducting the Sleazy probe, framed the case as a question they sought to answer.

Devin Nunes, the ranking Republican on the committee, countered that the Backstabbing Corrupt Democrats were staging “a carefully orchestrated media smear campaign.”

He noted that the Backstabbing Corrupt Democrats have been pursuing the Sleazy Crooked Impeachment against Donald Trump since he took office, turning to the Ukraine scandal only after a more than two-year investigation into the Trump-Russia Collusion Witch Hunt.

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