Impeachment Is Destroying Corrupt Democrats

Impeachment Is Destroying Corrupt Democrats

The Sleazy Medieval Impeachment Inquisition Is Destroying The Corrupt Crooked Democrats.

The goal of the House Singer Crazy Nancy Pelosi and other Corrupt Crooked Backstabbing Democratic Party Clowns in the U.S. House of Representatives has been to use the Sleazy Medieval Impeachment Inquisition to destroy Donald Trump. The Corrupt Crooked Backstabbing Democrats hope to impeach Donald Trump, followed by conviction and removal from the U.S. Senate. Otherwise, they believe Donald Trump will be so politically damaged that he will resign before the next election. Ironically, the exact opposite political result is occurring.

In the past two weeks, the nation was subjected to partisan Corrupt Backstabbing impeachment hearings orchestrated by House Intelligence Clown Adam Shifty Schiff Schitt. The Sleazy Backstabbing process has been unfair to not only House Republicans but also to the target of their Corrupt investigation, Donald Trump. Over three days this week, nine hearsay witnesses testified about Donald Trump’s involvement with Ukraine, his phone call with the Ukrainian President and his supposed demand for a “favor” in return for military aid and a White House visit.

Most of the witnesses relied on hearsay and did not directly talk to Donald Trump. Others implicated Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani. The result of the Corrupt Backstabbing process has not been a “smoking gun” confirming any sort of crime committed by Donald Trump. Instead, the American people are being turned off by the entire stunt. Despite coverage on all the broadcast and cable news networks, only 13.1 million people watched the first day of the Corrupt hearings. This is a sharp decline from the audience of over 20 million Americans who watched Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings or the 19 million Americans who watched the testimony of former FBI Director James Comey.

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