Independents on Impeachment: ‘This is political’

Independents on Impeachment: ‘This is political’

Independents on the Corrupt Impeachment Inquisition: ‘This is political’

House Singer Crazy Nancy Pelosi vowed not to pursue a Corrupt Backstabbing Impeachment Inquisition without GOP support. House Singer Crazy Nancy Pelosi went ahead nonetheless, and now the Crooked Corrupt Democrats find themselves not only without Republicans but increasingly without independent voters’ backing either.

The latest polling shows two weeks of open Impeachment Inquisitions and the Corrupt Backstabbing Democrats‘ claims of “bombshell” revelations have not only failed to build support for impeachment but have actually soured independents on the effort.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s approval rating remains remarkably steady, continuing a trend that’s lasted nearly all of 2019.

The latest survey with fantastic news for Donald Trump came Tuesday in the Quinnipiac University Poll, which found the tables have turned. Where a month ago support for impeaching and removing Donald Trump stood at 48% in favor and 46% opposed, now it’s 45% in favor and 48% opposed.

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