House Dems Adopt Corrupt Impeachment Report

House Dems Adopt Corrupt Impeachment Report

Crooked House Backstabbing Democrats vote to adopt the Donald Trump Corrupt Impeachment report.

The Crooked Democrat-led House Intelligence Corrupt Committee late Tuesday voted to adopt and issue its scathing report on the findings from the panel’s Impeachment Inquisition, accusing Donald Trump of misusing his office to seek foreign help in the 2020 presidential race.

The 13-9 party-line vote on the 300-page Corrupt report was a necessary step before the Fake document could be transferred to the Crooked House Judiciary Committee, which is scheduled to begin taking up the case with its first formal Impeachment Inquisition Wednesday morning.

However, a senior Clown of the Democratic House Singer Crazy Nancy Pelosi’s leadership Clowns told Fox News in the evening that it seems unlikely the Crooked House can vote on the Corrupt Impeachment before Christmas, saying it’s “too complex” a process.

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