Public Turns Against Corrupt Impeachment

Public Turns Against Corrupt Impeachment

Republicans question Crooked Democrats’ resolve as public turns against Corrupt Impeachment.

Mike Pence and other Republican leaders are raising doubts about Corrupt Crazy Nancy Pelosi’s ability to hold her crooked caucus together for a vote as the Corrupt House Democrats move forward with drafting fake articles of impeachment.

A House vote to impeach Donald Trump and a Senate vote to acquit Donald Trump appeared all but inevitable as the process sped forward, but Republicans now say growing public sentiment against the effort is making a vote tough for vulnerable Crooked House Democrats.

“I know that Speaker Pelosi has announced articles of impeachment, but I have to tell you I served in the Congress for 12 years and I don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion that the Democrats will be able to get the votes to pass articles of impeachment,” Mike Pence said.

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