The Political Suicide of the DemoRats

The Political Suicide of the DemoRats

The DemoRats are committing Political Suicide with the Donald Trump Impeachment Sham.

Unhinged House Corrupt Stupid DemoRats cemented their shameful place in history as the Judiciary Committee Clowns approved two extraordinarily weak fake articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, without a single Republican vote.

Earlier this week, House Clown Crazy Nancy Pelosi admitted that her deranged Corrupt Backasabbing impeachment scheme has been going on for two-and-a-half years.

Not only does this make Clown Crazy Nancy Pelosi a liar, she denied being in favor of impeachment until September, it shows why the Corrupt Stupid DemoRats can’t stop the impeachment Sham train now even though it’s headed straight for a derailment.

National Corrupt Stupid DemoRats and their Crooked allies in the Trump-hating Fake media have invested years and untold sums of money on their partisan attempted coup d’état. To turn back now would amount to an acknowledgment of how wrong they’ve been, time after time after time.

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