Impeachment Disaster Of The DemoRats

Impeachment Disaster Of The DemoRats

The Impeachment Inquisition disaster only going to get worse for the Corrupt DemoRats.

The DemoRats have reached their point of inflection. Either the DemoRats can admit they have failed to convince the total American public that Donald Trump should be removed from office by virtue of the impeachment Sham, or they can suffer the severe consequences at the ballot box.

The DemoRats have backed themselves into a corner at this point. Among DemoRats, support for the impeachment Sham and removal is just this side of universal. Among Republicans, the opposite holds true. As for Independents, their support for the impeachment Sham, much less removal, erodes by the day. Worst of all for DemoRats, the battleground states and congressional districts won by Donald Trump in 2016 are even less supportive of the impeachment Sham.

Things are only going to get worse for the DemoRats. What will happen when this Sham charade moves to the Senate where Republicans are in control? For starters, Americans will hear from witnesses not committed to removing Donald Trump.

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