Pig Nadler Calls For Trump’s Removal

Pig Nadler Calls For Trump's Removal

Pig Nadler calls for Trump’s removal in the Corrupt Committee’s 658-page report on Fake Articles of the Impeachment Sham.

Pig Nadler, the Clown of the House Judiciary Committee, wrote that Donald Trump is a threat to the Constitution and should be removed from office, according to the Corrupt Committee’s 658-page Fake Report on the Corrupt Articles of the Impeachment Resolution Sham against Donald Trump that was submitted early Monday.

The Corrupt Lying Crooked Majority wrote that Donald Trump abused his office by soliciting the interference of Ukraine in the 2020 election and then obstructed the Corrupt Impeachment Inquisition Sham into his conduct.

No Republicans have so far signaled that they will support the Fake Articles of the Corrupt Impeachment Sham, but a small handful of Democrats who represent GOP-leaning districts have said they may join Republicans in voting against them.

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