DemoRats Trying to Cut and Run

DemoRats Trying to Cut and Run

DemoRats Are Trying to Cut and Run on Their Own Impeachment Sham Because They See That It Is a Big Failure.

Matt Gaetz, an outspoken critic of the House DemoRat Impeachment Sham, said the Corrupt DemoRats were now attempting to distance themselves from the Impeachment Sham given it has not had the traction they had hoped it would.

First, the Corrupt DemoRats had to hide the evidence in the Secret bunker of the basement, then the Corrupt DemoRats had to release selected excerpts out of context of the transcripts, then when the Corrupt DemoRats actually have live witnesses before the American people, the polling immediately inverted on the impeachment Sham.

The Corrupt DemoRats lost intensity even among Democrats, and Republicans certainly saw the sham that it was. So now, facing a real trial where a full complement of witnesses would be called, the Corrupt DemoRats are trying to cut and run on their own Corrupt Impeachment Sham because they see that it is a failure.”

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