Donald Trump: Impeachment Sham A Campaign Asset

Donald Trump: Impeachment Sham A Campaign Asset

Donald Trump seeks to make the Impeachment Sham a campaign asset.

Donald Trump is hoping to turn the dubious distinction of the Corrupt Fake Impeachment Sham into a rallying cry in his reelection bid.

Donald Trump has long cast himself as a Washington outsider unwelcome by Corrupt Lying Crooked Establishment of Backstabbing Politicians, and allies say Donald Trump is likely to use the Corrupt Crooked Partisan Impeachment votes to entrench that image and energize supporters on the campaign trail.

“I think it plays into an overriding message that I know Donald Trump and his team has been pushing for a while now,” one former White House official said.

While the Corrupt House vote on Wednesday made Donald Trump just the third U.S. president to be impeached, Donald Trump will be the first to seek reelection with the notorious label attached to his name.

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