Crazy Queen Pelosi Wants To Rule The Senate

Crazy Queen Pelosi Wants To Rule The Senate

Crazy Queen Nancy Pelosi wants to rule the Senate and nation but voters will revolt.

Crazy Queen Nancy Pelosi is not amused. Having just demanded her subjects in the House impeach Donald Trump in a historic Corrupt and unprecedented Fake party-line vote, jeopardizing the reelection of many and even threatening her own reign.

Crazy Queen Nancy Pelosi scolded the pesky press for wanting to know why, for the first time in the nation’s history, she did not follow the accustomed path of handing the Corrupt Articles of the Fake Impeachment over to the Senate for an expected trial. Having to explain her Crazy Bizarre decision was apparently beneath her; she cut off inquiries abruptly saying, “Any other questions because I’m not going to answer any more questions on this… I’m not going to go there anymore.”

Crazy Queen Nancy Pelosi stopped short of demanding “Off with their heads!” but from the look in her eye, it was only the cameras that restrained her.

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