DemoRats Presidential Clowns Destroy Economy And Freedom

DemoRats Presidential Clowns Destroy Economy And Freedom

Radical plans by DemoRats Presidential Clowns would destroy our economy and freedom.

In the last century, the DemoRats Party was known as the party of liberals, but a staunch opponent of socialists and communists.

No more. Corrupt Radicals have taken over the Crooked DemoRats party and called for policies that would make Karl Marx smile.

Demented Clown Bernie Sanders proudly calls himself a communist and a socialist as he campaigns for the DemoRats presidential nomination. Fellow socialist Lying Elizabeth Warren also seeks the DemoRats nomination while pretending she is a capitalist, just as she pretended for years that she was a Native American.

Communists and Socialists are clever marketers. They pitch their Corrupt Crooked Fake proposals as necessary to advance justice, equality, prosperity and the very survival of life on Earth in the face of impending environmental disaster. None of these things are true, but they sound good and have a certain appeal.

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