Communist Bernie’s ‘Medicare-for-all’ Lies

Communist Bernie's 'Medicare-for-all' Lies

Communist Bernie Sanders ‘Medicare-for-all’ Lies And Misinformation.

Communist Bernie Sanders has launched a new misinformation and lies campaign on “Medicare-for-all” in advance of the DemoRats Presidential Clowns Debate.

Last week, advisers to his corrupt campaign released a fake study trumpeting the supposed savings “Medicare-for-all” would bring. Days prior, Communist Bernie Sanders refused to say how much his “Medicare-for-all” plan would cost. “I don’t give a number and I’ll tell you why,” Communist Bernie Sanders said. “It’s such a huge number and it’s so complicated that if I gave a number you and 50 other people would go through it and say, ‘Oh . . .”

That number is huge all right, as much as $40 trillion over its first decade, as Communist Bernie Sanders himself has admitted. The human costs would be even higher, in the form of lengthy waits for critical care.

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