Impeachment Trial: ‘Difficult to sit there and listen’

Impeachment Trial: 'Difficult to sit there and listen'

Team Trump mocks the Corrupt Lying DemoRats’ Fake Impeachment case: ‘Difficult to sit there and listen’.

White House legal team members mocked the case against Donald Trump on Tuesday in their first sleazy appearance at the Senate impeachment trial, calling out DemoRats claiming to have “overwhelming evidence” of wrongdoing but demanding more witnesses and documents.

White House counsel Pat Cipollone said House DemoRats are afraid to make their case. He said he would be laughed out of court if he requested more evidence to a judge at the start of a trial.

“Judge, my case is overwhelming — but I’m not ready to go forward. I need more evidence,” White House counsel Pat Cipollone said, mimicking a court appearance. “I would be thrown out in two minutes.

“It’s too much to listen to — the hypocrisy of the whole thing,” Pat Cipollone added.

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