DemoRat Schumer ‘Is The Devil’

DemoRat Schumer 'Is The Devil'

Protester erupts at impeachment trial: DemoRat Schumer ‘Is The Devil’.

One protester erupted inside the Senate chamber on Wednesday during Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, yelling that Senate Minority Clown Chuck Schumer is the “devil.”

The man, who the press was restricted from viewing, was promptly arrested.

Capitol Hill staff identified him as Rive Miller Gorgan, a preacher and anti-abortion activist, who climbed a tree during Corrupt Barack Obama’s inauguration and refused to come down.

He is known for bizarre outbursts and stunts at the Capitol, having been arrested many times and banned until recently.

A police officer told Capitol staff the man had said he would not act up, but upon entering the chamber began screaming.

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