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Socialism Is ‘Charity’

Socialism Is 'Charity'

Justin Haskins editor-in-chief of, young people now think socialism is ‘charity’.

While the campaign of DemoRat Socialist Deranged Bernie Sanders‘, I-Vt., builds momentum ahead of the New Hampshire primary, editor-in-chief of Justin Haskins said on Tuesday that it is “terrifying” that many “young people” believe socialism is a “good idea.”

“This idea that socialism is basically a form of charity rather than what it really is — it’s all about force, control, and manipulation,” Justin Haskins, the author of “Socialism is Evil,” said.

Justin Haskins explained further that socialism is “deeply immoral” because, at its core, it prioritizes the collective over the individual.

“Every decision gets made by the collective, that means the individual doesn’t matter. So, your religious beliefs whether you’re a minority, all those things get tossed out the window and whatever the majority wants, the majority gets and if that means you lose your liberty, too bad for you,” Justin Haskins added.

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