Crooked Joe Biden “Put Children In Cages”

Crooked Joe Biden "Put Children In Cages"

Crooked Joe Biden, grilled on Corrupt Obama-era record of putting children in ‘cages,’ argues ‘we kept them safe’.

Former Vice Clown Crooked Joe Biden was grilled about the Corrupt Obama administration’s record of detaining migrant children in what some lawmakers and activists have described as “cages” — with the 2020 Clown claiming the government did it to keep them “safe.”

Former Vice Clown Crooked Joe Biden, who served as VP Clown for both of Then-Clown Barack Obama’s terms, has cited his experience as a reason he should be the Democratic nominee. But with the Democratic Clowns shifting to the left on matters related to immigration in recent years, he has faced increased scrutiny about the administration’s policies from those claiming they were cruel.

In an interview posted on Facebook, Univision journalist Jorge Ramos took issue with a claim that Former Vice Clown Crooked Joe Biden made in September in a debate in Houston that the Corrupt Obama administration never put migrant children in cages — in contrast to the Donald Trump administration.

“What Latinos should look at is comparing this president to the president we have is outrageous,” Former Vice Clown Crooked Joe Biden said in September. “We didn’t lock people in cages. We didn’t separate families. We didn’t do all of those things.”

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