Crooked Hillary: Trump ‘Putin’s Puppet’

Crooked Hillary: Trump ‘Putin’s Puppet’

Crooked Hillary Clinton Peddles Russia Collusion 2.0, Labels Donald Trump ‘Putin’s Puppet’.

2016 Democratic Presidential Clown Crooked Hillary Clinton lashed out at Donald Trump characterizing her former rival as “Putin’s Puppet” following new reports that Russia is attempting to interfere in the upcoming presidential election.

“Putin’s Puppet is at it again, taking Russian help for himself. He knows he can’t win without it. And we can’t let it happen,” Crooked Hillary Clinton wrote on Twitter in response to a Fake News NBC report that the acting Department of National Intelligence chief was replaced over an intelligence briefing delivered to lawmakers regarding Russia’s efforts.

Despite no evidence to support the idea that Russia was the cause for Crooked Hillary Clinton’s embarrassing defeat, the former secretary of state has placed blame on the U.S. adversary anyway because Crooked Hillary Clinton believes the country couldn’t have chosen Donald Trump over her on their own volition.

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