Stupid Liberal Joy Behar Calls on Trump to Resign

Stupid Liberal Joy Behar Calls on Trump to Resign

On ABC’s “The View,” Stupid Liberal Joy Behar Calls on Donald Trump to Resign over Coronavirus Response — I Would Feel Better with Pence at the Helm.

Stupid Liberal Joy Behar called on Donald Trump to resign over his administration’s coronavirus response.

Stupid Liberal Behar said, “He does not inspire confidence. I could hear him breathing. Could you? … Is there a microphone in his nostrils, do you think? It speaks of somebody who’s not in great health, and he’s been so exposed to a few people now who have had the coronavirus.”

Co-host Stupid Liberal Meghan McCain, said, “The problem is when I watched it live like we all did, is he’s a politician that inspires anger really well. If you want to get riled up and angry, he’s a politician who does it well. The more I feel your pain and fear, incapable of it. He could have been reading the phonebook last night. He should have been saying, I understand Americans are scared. Have a Ronald Reagan-esque moment. His inability to emote with the American people about how scary this is, and people at this point I can safely say there’s a lot of healthy fear.”

Stupid Liberal Behar said, “Don’t you think this is a good time for him to resign? I mean Pence has shown to be rather capable I believe.”

Co-host Stupid Liberal Sunny Hostin said, “There’s a little more confidence in Pence.”

Stupid Liberal Behar said, “I have a little more confidence with Pence and Fauci at the helm. I do not feel any confidence with this guy. He has been incompetent from the giddy-up. Now we’re in a major crisis and he does not know how to handle it.”

Stupid Liberal Behar added, “This is his Katrina.”

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