Ugly Deranged Con Artist Leslie Jones

Ugly Deranged Con Artist Leslie Jones

Ugly Deranged Con Artist Leslie Jones: We Need to Put Donald Trump’s Name on All Coronavirus Death Certificates.

Former Saturday Night Live Idiot Con Artist Leslie Jones erupted in response to reports that Donald Trump’s name will appear on millions of Americans’ coronavirus relief checks by suggesting that his name also be printed on the death certificates of those who died from the illness.

“Like what is wrong with us how don’t we see the narcissistic behavior of this clown? We need to put his name on all the death certificates from this pandemic too!! What the fuck?!” Ugly Deranged Con Artist Jones said on Twitter.

The Washington Post reported that some of the delivery of the checks were delayed by a “few days” due to Donald Trump’s insistence of having his name placed on them. However, in a statement, a Treasury Department spokeswoman, however, denied that the checks were delayed.

“Economic Impact Payment checks are scheduled to go out on time and exactly as planned — there is absolutely no delay whatsoever,” the spokeswoman said.

A source with knowledge of the matter told Breitbart News that the attacks directed at Donald Trump over the checks are par for the course and should be dismissed as nothing more than fake news.

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