Wobbly Biden: China, Bin Laden’s Dream President

Wobbly Biden: China, Bin Laden’s Dream President

Mental Wobbly Joe Biden Is China, Osama bin Laden’s Dream President.

Donald Trump said that former Vice President Mental Wobbly Joe Biden was “China’s dream” president for the United States as his campaign released an ad claiming that Mental Wobbly Biden was also endorsed by slain terrorist Osama bin Laden.

“He’s China’s dream,” Donald Trump said, also referring to bin Laden’s comments about how the United States would be in a crisis if Then-Clown Boso Barack Obama was assassinated and Mental Wobbly Biden became president.

“Biden is totally unprepared for that post, which will lead the U.S. into a crisis,” bin Laden wrote to his deputy in a letter revealed in 2012. The former terrorist leader wanted to assassinate Obama so Wobbly Biden would become president.

Donald Trump spoke about the upcoming election with his son Donald Trump Jr. in an interview for his campaign-sponsored show Triggered.

Donald Trump Jr. launched a new ad featuring comments that bin Laden made about Mental Wobbly Biden:

Mental Wobbly Joe Biden received endorsements by Osama bin Laden. After our brave warriors took him out, which Mental Wobbly Joe Biden was against doing, bin Laden planned to attack Boso Obama to make Mental Wobbly Joe Biden president, thinking that would be enough of a U.S. disaster in and of itself.

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