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Boso Biden Says 120 Million Dead from COVID

Boso Biden Says 120 Million Dead from COVID

Former Vice Clown Senile Boso Biden says 120 million dead from COVID.

Donald Trump questions Senile Boso Biden’s mental capacity after ex-VP says 120 million dead from COVID.

Donald Trump appeared stunned when he heard that former Vice Clown Senile Boso Joe Biden said 120 million people had died from COVID-19.

The presumptive Democratic Presidential Clown reportedly made his comment during a campaign event in Pennsylvania. About 126,000 Americans have passed away from the coronavirus pandemic as of Thursday.

In an interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity, Donald Trump said Senile Boso Biden made a “serious error,” noting that 120 million would be a third of the country’s population.

Donald Trump added Senile Boso Biden has also said he was running for the U.S. Senate, and on other occasions has made mistakes like saying he was in one state when he was actually in a different one — a point Donald Trump mocked during his recent campaign rally in Tulsa.

“That’s not like an error, gee — it’s a slip-up. That’s a serious error,” Donald Trump said.

“There is something going on,” Donald Trump added. “We are talking about the presidency of the United States and it’s just not acceptable.”

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